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"The EMS Methodology Course was one of the most AMAZING courses in my EMS Career that I have taken! The nontraditional approach to educational methodology and course presentation to prepare us as educators to instruct the future of our industry is truly one of a kind. It also prepares you for the National Certified Educators Exam! The price you pay for this course is the equivalent to what a new teacher would receive in two collegiate courses for methodology and classroom management! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Patrick Maranuk

EMS Instructor, EMT, Chef, Education Consultant

"Amazing innovation!  The main focus of the outbound portion of the trip, that being EMS education, was phenomenal.  That you were able to engage every level of certification throughout both presentations was excellent and made the courses truly “continuing education” as opposed to a review of two subjects rarely visited.  My wife commented that she learned a great deal and was able to follow along without ever feeling lost or “out of her depth” as she put it. Moreover, she isn’t even a provider! Just goes to show that this is truly a well-run, extremely well-organized family getaway. Add to that the destination afforded a great day out. All this for less than the cost that the 3 hours of clinical CEU’s awarded would have cost in a classroom setting! I am left with just one question… When is the next one?"

William Lillington

Paramedic, Chief of Operations, Hamburg EMS

"I highly recommend taking their 12 Lead and Heart Dissection Lab class. Alan is an amazing instructor who makes learning fun and entertaining. The class is appropriately paced and very informative. I've taken a few other 12 Lead classes, and he is by far the best one. His informal style of teaching makes it very easy to interact and ask questions. I look forward to attending more of his classes."

Laura Zieger



EMS Education Solutions is a fully accredited Training Institute by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS

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